Monday, April 9, 2018

See, I really do come back sometimes!  I've been a little disoriented since we've moved my computer into my very own room.  It's been 11 years and a little since I had my own space and I'm in heaven. 

I thought I'd share these pages today.  One of my dreams is to visit India.  I've been intrigued about this nation since I was stationed in England and met some wonderful Indian emigres.  Their homes abounded with beautiful bright silks, vibrant art, fantastic food, and tons of laughter.  I loved visiting them and wanted to know more.  The historian in me wants to do dig in ancient manuscripts and artifacts.  Maybe I'll get the chance.

I did get the chance to go to Venice, but I would love to return at carnivale.  More to see the fabulous costumes and observe, rather than participate.  Close crowds bother me, so the balcony would be just fine!

Both are made with Fantasia by Kakleidesigns.  You can find the kit here or here.  India was also made with Spring In Pink Template #3, seen here and here
Both layout are in the Gingerscraps gallery if you want a closer look.  Venice    India

I'll have some more traditional layouts and some genealogy information coming up soon.  Thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Okay, I guess I'm just jinxed.  I did a post up with a scheduled date on it and it failed to show up.  Facebook hates me, too, so I shouldn't be surprised.  I've been doing a good bit of scrapbooking here of late.  Now that I'm over my fear of Photoshop and out of mourning for my beloved Digital Image Pro that Microsoft has now completely buried, I've found my work going in some new directions.  I NEVER used to do artsy layouts or art journal pages.  I just didn't feel like mine looked as good as others', but that's turned out to be untrue.  I can do this!  So I'm working on a few different albums at the moment.  I'm still working on heritage albums and always will.  I'm still working on family albums, of course, but I've added one for the flowers I love because it brings me joy, and I'm working on a digital journal.  My grandchildren will not have as long as many kids do to know their grandparents since we got started really late, so I hope they will get to know us better through my photo journal.

All that said, I just have to show you some pages I did with Karen's newest kits.  I've usually stayed away from boldly patterned and colored pages because they don't fit my "style" but Karen converted me.  I love her fun colorful kits and even her somber thoughtful ones.  They all have their place.  She just released Positive Vibes for the Gingerscraps Buffet, loaded with beautiful flowers, vibrant colors, some fabulous character transfers. The template was in the kit, but the map of Madrid at bottom left was not.  Well, see for yourself:

The 1960s and 1970s were colorful years, to say the least, sometimes colorfully ugly.  The ugly part could never be said about my beautiful cousin, Debbie.  We graduated from high school at the same time, but half the world apart.  My Uncle Joe was in the US Air Force stationed at Torrejon Air Force Base in Spain and Daddy worked for IBM in Huntsville, Alabama.  My school's colors were blue and gray, Debbie's were red and white.  I took one look at Positive Vibes and knew it was perfect for these photos from Debbie's graduation.  I love that flower wreath.  It looks great on Debbie.  They just looked silly on me!

This page will go into my garden book, even though I shot the picture on an outing to the Land Between the Lakes Nature Center.  We love hummingbirds and have feeders of our own, but this scene - that I didn't even realize I'd captured until I looked at the photos later - just sort of belongs amongst the flowers.  It just makes me happy.

I used Kakleidesigns Positive Vibes and Spring In Pink Templates.  For those of you that are digi scrappers, the yellow paint is from the FWP template and papers 12 & 16, character stamp3, and original photo are blended for the background.  These are both in the Gingerscraps gallery if you want a closer look  Graduation and Hummingbird.

Now for the post that didn't post.  I'm a huge template fan.  I don't necessarily use all parts of a template and often rearrange them, but I love them for inspiration and for learning new techniques.  Kakleidesigns has  a new set of templates, Spring In Pink, that are fun and fabulous.  I used one of them for Hummingbird and had a blast playing with the others.  I did two more pages about flowers.  One of them may go in my Footsteps of Paul album, though, because John shot the pictures on our trip in 2003 and bougainvilleas don't do especially well with Kentucky weather, so they will not find a home in my garden.  I love them, but...

I especially love this page made with Spring In Pink Template #1 and Color Fest.  The background is my favorite technique - blended papers - made from papers 20 and 24.  These pictures are from the same day as the hummingbird picture at the Land Between the Lakes Nature Center.  The page makes my soul sing.

The extraction of the flowers to go out of bounds was tricky, but worth it

The picture for this one was made on the Isle of Patmos, where Saint John was exiled.  It's an amazing place and, like the rest of Greece, loaded with color and gorgeous flowers.  It was made with Spring in Pink Template #2 and with two of Karen's legacy kits Anniversary Treasures and Innocense Glance that are no longer available.

These are also in the Gingerscraps gallery if you'd like a better view:  Coreopsis  Bougainvillea

I have one more I'd like to share with you.  The technique for this layout is montage.  Unlike a collage which has different images, often in different genres, pleasingly arranged, montage takes pictures and blends them into one harmonious, seamless image.  This layout actually uses three photos - the two pathways are on one, the lake on another, and the photo the big arched tree is extracted from is another.  That extraction was a demon!  I used a Kakleidesigns kit, Infinity, paper 2 for the background that you can just see peeping through on the lower side edges, paper 25 to fill the grunge layer, the mask on the lake picture, and flowers and foliage around the base of the tree.  The challenge for this layout included using octagons, so they are placed like stepping stones on the left hand path, leading into the distance where I walked that day.  You will probably need to view it in the gallery to see those.

Journaling is my own “poetry”

Frost counseled take the road less traveled, I hearkened to his plea.
I wandered down the leftward track ‘til the lake there did I see.
A wondrous place of beautiful peace, peace that mends the soul,
A place to lift the saddened heart, God’s gift to make it whole.

I must be off for now.  Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I recently joined Karen Kleiman's creative team.  I've watched Karen's work evolve since she began digi design and it has been a joy.  I'm delighted to promote her work.  So...

Karen released Color Fest today at two stores:


Escape and Scrap

While you're there, make sure you have a look at her other kits.  She has some new ones coming out in the near future, too.

Here are the previews and a layout I did with Color Fest that features part of my paper doll collection (these dolls are by E.K. Duncan) and two of my great nieces:
I had so much fun playing dolls!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Welcome to the shade under the mulberry tree

I did it. I finally took the plunge and set up a blog. I can't really say why, but blogging intimidates me. Maybe it's because I don't do html. Maybe it's because I'm afraid I won't have a beautiful site. Mostly it's because I haven't a clue what I'm doing. But I'll learn. So bear with me while I get it all set the way I want it. It will get there although it may take some time. In the meantime, this will be my digiscrap and genealogy home. It will be the place where my friends can come play or just "set a spell" in the shade. I'm glad to count as friends some wonderful and talented digital scrapbook designers and I will share their work here. I'll also share their promotions and freebie information (although you will have to go to their sites to get the freebies, no hot-linking from here!) And I will be more than happy to share my layouts made from their beautiful kits.