Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not Again!

Yeah - again! It's been a whole year since I've been here. And I couldn't tell you where it's all gone. Well, yeah, I can. Some of it at any rate. I started a full-time job at Murray State University last fall and it's really taken it's toll. I just can't quite get in the swing of it. I'm good at finance and accounting, but my brain aches by the time I get home. My brain, not my head, and it just wipes me out! Still, I am grateful and more for a decent job in this tiny town. So I smile every day and thank God for his goodness and providential care!

I think I'm going to take a different direction with my blog posts, too. There will still be scrapbooking here, but there will be a lot more genealogy - and there will be a marriage of the two. So, if you're a heritage scrapper, stay tuned. If you're a genealogist or family historian, stay tuned. If you want an interesting and beautiful way to present and publish your genealogy come in and set a spell. My Scrapbook Genealogy classes will be going back up at NDISB in the near future. Some of them will be revised. I've found some better ways to handle some really boring, grunt work kind of record keeping. There will be new classes coming along in the not too distant future, too. If you're a digital scrapper, register at NDISB and start an album in the gallery for your heritage book. If you complete the challenges, there will be gifts that will increase your stash for heritage layouts. If you're a paper scrapper, join the site and open a gallery. You can take photos of the pages you complete. Many of the kits we use in digi can be printed and used for paper and hybrid, too. And maybe I can convert you! Digital supplies can be reused and you're not out $20 for a page if you make a goof - or find new information that cause you to change your genealogy! Plus, I hope you'll learn to conduct your research the right way and fall in love with the two together. There's nothing worse than reading the begats unless, of course, you want
to fall asleep. So come learn how to make a treasured chronicle from your precious and treasured research!

While we're talking about heritage scrapbooking, let me introduce you to a kit I am just going to HAVE to get. It is so perfect, I don't even know where to start. Many of you know I write the monthly column LifeLines for The Artisan Notebook, the monthly publication of The Digital Scrapbook Artisan's Guild. If you've read LifeLines, you'll know I believe firmly the elements on a heritage page should reflect the times and life of the people being chronicled. Doing this helps others understand our ancestors and know a little more about them - it helps make them real, but without words. The human brain is amazing and automatically makes those conenctions, so be careful what you scrap! How many times have I wanted one or more of the elements in this kit to do just that only to find NO ONE had them? I can't begin to count. So I made some of my own and, I assure you, I am no designer. Good enough for my own book, but not good enough to give to others.

So without further ado, here is Olde Tyme Junque from Cari Cruse, owner of Cari Created Designs.
The kit is available form Sunshine Studio Scraps.