Thursday, April 30, 2009

Date Extended For NDISB Blog Train Pages

Just a quick update. Due to the popularity of the blog train, some of you have not been able to get onto the store site to get all the pieces/parts (remember that movie?). Because of this, I have provided a new link in the original post to get my Quick Pages. There are two sets of pages so make sure you click both buttons. I will leave these up until the 3rd, so grab them while you can. I can't guarantee that everyone else will leave them up, but do check with any site you haven't yet downloaded to see if they have been able to do the same.

Monday, April 13, 2009

NDISB April 2009 Blog Train

I know, I know! I really AM a terrible blogger. Real life gets in the way and bam! I just don't get anything up. Not today, though. Today, Under The Mulberry Tree is a stop on the NDISB April Blog Train featuring the marvelous, wonderful and fabulously beautiful "A Natural Earth" collab kit by the NDISB design team. Chuga-chuga-toot-toot!

You can find out more about it here on the NDISB BLOG (You can find directions to the blog train stops, too, if you get derailed along the way. That usually happens to me, so I need a road map!) If you find some of the stops aren't active yet, please do check back. Our stops literally circle the globe and time zones make a huge difference!

and get it here

While you're in the store, have a good look around. We have some fantastic new kits and loads of designers. There is something sure to suit you. No matter your tastes or style - from funky and fun to Victorian and stately and all points in between - it's there. And visit the forum too. We have a range of fun challenges and classes available, all for free.
And just for coming to look, I have a couple of little goodies for you.

And this is the second set of pages
Sorry, they'e gone.

Ailsa is waiting to say hello to you, so make sure you go on to the next stop

While you're there, make sure to tell Ailsa thanks - she's the one who has coordinated the whole blog train for you. She has been simply amazing and absolutely the best! Thanks, Ailsa!

And thanks to all of you, too. I hope you enjoy all the beautiful goodies we have for you today.