Sunday, June 21, 2009


If you've been to NDISB recently, you'll know there have been some problems in the gallery and the forum. There are some awfully mean, destructive people in this world - people who hurt other people just because they can. You'd think their parents might have taught them better! Anyway, some of those unscrupulous people - or maybe it was just one - got hold of NDISB again. First they hacked the gallery like they did during the ADSR, then they hit the forums. I guess maybe it makes them feel powerful. Maybe makes them feel intelligent that they can do this. I have news for them - it makes them look ignorant, small-minded and petty. I hope Ernie and Theresa will take some legal action and turn it over to the state attorney general. Hackers think no one can catch them, but guess what? They're wrong. It might take awhile, but they'll get caught. Then I hope someone jerks their heads bald!

So don't lose faith. T & E are working hard to get the site restored and onto a new version that isn't vulnerable to this kind of attack. While you're waiting, why not have a look at the store? That's operating properly and man do we have a LOAD of new designers. It seems like I counted 18 new friends and family from all around the globe. And their designs are to die for! Here's a sneak peek:

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